Car Videos, The King of Cool, Mustangs, and Ken Block

The first cool car video I saw was the movie “Bullitt” – the chase scene is widely regarded as the benchmark for such things.  Steve McQueen (possibly the greatest anti-hero of all time and The King of Cool) is a detective who does whatever is necessary to get the bad guys.  And, he uses a bad-ass muscle car to do it…

Steve McQueen was the real deal.  Think James Dean, Paul Newman and AJ Foyt all rolled into the same guy –  McQueen was 10 times cooler than all that, period. He brought us a car chase even our mom’s couldn’t turn away from, he shared LeMans with us, he helped make the movie “On Any Sunday“, and he never stopped trying to escapeIf I weren’t a Brian, I’d want to be a Steve…

McQueen LeMans

Now Ken Block is no Steve McQueen, but he has carried on McQueen’s legacy of sharing with young people how stuff with motors is cool.  I thank him for that (his latest work is shown below). Block’s latest Gymkhana video is done using a Ford Mustang (the Bullitt car was the 1968 version).  Just as Ford has supported Block’s efforts, Ford has recognized Steve McQueen as part of Mustang history.

I believe Block’s video with a Mustang tearing around on city streets begs a recollection of the Bullitt original.

Now for the latest Gymkhana video – essentially, this is just a movie with a car chase without all of the silly dialogue and contrived plot. I love a good sense of humor and like the fact that Block pays homage to the donut shop (4:54) – reference the Traktor Terror video donut scene (1:40).  Gymkhana Seven also pays tribute to famous car chases (7:30).

Thank you Ken Block – you’re pretty cool.

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