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Paintless Dent Repair in Portland Oregon

Dent Devil provides paintless dent repair services in Portland Oregon.  We work for automobile dealers, body shops, insurance companies, rental car companies and private automobile customers.

We are “car guys” with a relatively extensive resume of automotive experience, and (generally responsible) hoonage… Hoonage definition and examples here.  We think cars are cool, we work on (and with) them, and we play with them – We Love Cars!

The “Dent Devil”, Brian Towey, has long roots in the Portland automotive community, as a business owner, race driver, competitive cyclist and driving coach.  Brian’s “home track” has been Portland International Raceway for over 20 years.

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Dent Devil is mobile – we come to you.  Most of our dent repair services are performed on cars like the one you drive to work, shuttle kids, or get groceries in every day.  Dent Devil also repairs dents on sports cars, exotics, vintage, hot rod and even race cars.

Brian Towey - 22 Years as "The Dent Devil"

Brian Towey – 22 Years as “The Dent Devil”

If you have a question about paintless dent repair in Portland (or anything automotive), give Brian a call – if we can’t solve your problem, we probably know the people who can!

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Truck Cab Dent Removal

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This type of dent is brought to my attention frequently.  This one ( for example), is at eye level, on the driver’s side and just behind the door – meaning that the owner gets to look at it every time he gets into the truck.

Because the crease caused by whatever fell on the truck is relatively “soft”, the repair could be done 100% using the “glue pull” method – remember those “Pops-a-Dent” commercials on cable TV from 10 years ago?  It turns out that those things can work sometimes – much in the way that home dentistry sometimes works…

I digress… If you have a dent in the cab of your truck, perhaps it can be fixed!!!