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LeMans 2016 – Ford GT On Pole!!!

50 years after an historic win, Ford is at LeMans with the new Ford GT, and a chance to duplicate that feat.  I wrote about that one here.  This time, Ford will be competing directly with Corvette, Porsche and Ferrari – story about that here.

Ford GT LeMans 2016

Why should you care..?  LeMans is one of the big three (Monaco, Indy, LeMans), every driver dreams of winning it, every manufacturer throws boat loads of money at it and you’re an American – that’s why.  This is cool stuff.

Official LeMans Website

Porsche 917

Super cool movie about my favorite race car, ever… If you remember the movie LeMans (with Steve McQueen), this is the team it was pretending to be about.

Porsche 917 JWR Gulf