Dent Repair Examples

With coin size dings and dents it is often possible to get a near perfect result – even if the paint appears to have been compromised.  Modern automobile surface finishes are quite durable and some damage is repairable by buffing.  Below are some dent repair examples.

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Larger dents are sometimes repairable to a satisfactory level, as well.  Keep in mind, that once metal has been stretched – it’s pretty much been stretched…  It is the case that stretched metal can sometimes be “hidden” to the point that it makes sense to repair via the Paintless Dent Removal process, and not re-paint the car, which can diminish it’s resale value.

Who knows for sure how these dents happen?  From new cars damaged in transport, to the used car that you just purchased from a dealer hundreds of miles away with undisclosed damage, or the ding you received while you were picking up groceries, cars can be dented in variety of ways and places.

The good news is – we fix them all!!!

If Paintless Dent Removal is not the correct solution for the repair of your particular damage, we will happily direct you to the people who can solve your problem.  Give us a call.

844-DENT 411  / 844-336-8411

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