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Emma Peel

I’m sitting here (mostly confined to the motor coach) writing about the Chump Car race and waiting for some pizza and I notice something that had caught my attention a few weeks ago.  An unusually large number of people seem to find this blog while searching for “Emma Peel” – Dianna Rigg, the actress that played the part, is famous mostly for the role of Peel in the Television show “The Avengers”.  I had made a reference to her in an earlier post Supercars for the Proletariat – very un-Chump Car.

So two things – clearly I’m not the only guy that has had a thing for Diana Rigg (well, that was a safe bet and I grew out of it), and (as an experiment) I could do something to push my “Emma Peel” numbers up.

So, in the early 80’s there was a Seattle band called The Allies, and they had a song called Emma Peel.  I used to see them quite a lot.   I also think that the guy that wrote songs for that band has been popping up to play around Seattle again.  Anyway – below is the” Emma Peel” video.