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Truck Cab Dent Removal

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This type of dent is brought to my attention frequently.  This one ( for example), is at eye level, on the driver’s side and just behind the door – meaning that the owner gets to look at it every time he gets into the truck.

Because the crease caused by whatever fell on the truck is relatively “soft”, the repair could be done 100% using the “glue pull” method – remember those “Pops-a-Dent” commercials on cable TV from 10 years ago?  It turns out that those things can work sometimes – much in the way that home dentistry sometimes works…

I digress… If you have a dent in the cab of your truck, perhaps it can be fixed!!!


Dented Fender – Repair or Replace?

844-DENT 411  / 844-336-8411

This is an older vehicle that had relatively low miles and the owner wanted to restore it to a condition that was representative of the mileage it had.

In other words, this small SUV still has lots of life left in it, but it looked kind of junky because of these dents…

For a paintless dent repair like this, the charge is typically $200-250, and the repair is completed in half a day.  At a body shop, the cost could be up to $800, and you’ll be without your car for several days…

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